CERA shine

Protective Coating for Ceramics

Cera shine - application instructions.
Surface preparation:
The surface to be coated with cera shine should be free from all dirt, oil contaminants. If coating used ceramic or sanitary ware a thorough cleaning is recommended to removeall contamination. Any dirt or stain which remains and is coated over will get locked in andcannot be removed. The cleaned, fully dried ceramic or sanitary ware is now ready to becoated. New ceramic or sanitary ware can be cleaned with detergent, rinsed fully with waterand thoroughly dried with cloth. Only clean and fully dry ceramic or sanitary ware should becoated.
Application procedure:
Take a small, clean cotton or microfiber cloth, fold it and apply a small quantity of cerashine on to it. Wipe the ceramic ware with the cloth so as to form a thin, even coating on thesurface. Cover small sections at a time and repeat the process until the entire surface iscovered. Excess material should be removed immediately by wiping on it. The liquid willsolidify rapidly and all corrections need to be done within five minutes. Go to the next areaafter correcting the defects in the first area. Once coated, unnecessary touching orcorrection is to be avoided. Only a thin coating is needed for full protection. The coated surface should be left to dry. It becomes dry to touch within one hour. Let it curefor at least 12 hours before use. Full cure will proceed slowly with time and will take 2 tothree weeks to attain full hardness. During this period it is advisable not to clean the articlewith cleaning agents. Once the coating is fully cured it can be washed and cleaned as usualthough its easy clean properties will make cleaning a breeze. You will no longer have to useharsh cleaning agents for cleaning.
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