Nano Clear - For Automobile Windshields

Approx Price: Rs 500 / Piece 

Nano Clear is a Nano technology based Water repellent, Dust repellent, Easy cleaning,Visibility improving nano coating on Automobile Windshields.

Nano Clear is a coating solution when applied to Automobile Windshield confers durable, long lasting water repellent, dust repellent, u-v resistant, easy cleaning properties.


    According to experts, our eyes provide approximately 90% 0f the information that we need to make critical decisions as we drive. 65% of drivers experience difficulty seeing in the rain during the day and 82% experience this difficulty during night.Under rainy conditions, slippery roads and poor visibility combine to increase the likelihood of accidents. Indeed, when it rains, water droplets tend to spread on the glass surface impeding the drivers visibility.Water repellent coatings can improve a drivers visual acuity by nearly 34% and response time by 25%. This safety innovation is particularly useful for corporate drivers, who sometimes have to travel hundreds of miles in heavy rain.

    On glass treated with water repellent coating, water droplets do not adhere to the surface but retain a spherical shape and are removed by the air stream generated by the movement of the vehicle. Water forms as tiny pearls of moisture, which are blown away as the car increases speed, leaving the glass panel clearer and cleaner.

    Advantages of water repellent coating on automobile windshields

    · Water repellent. Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy and snowy conditions

    · Reduction in response time- shorter braking distance

    · UV Protection. Blocks UV rays. Reduced air condition load

    · Easy cleaning of the windshield as nothing adheres to it

    · Anti-glare. Improved night visibility due to reduced reflections


    • Cleaning the glass surface - Before application of the coating the glass surface should be cleaned thoroughly of any dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints by using any household glass cleaner, detergent and then washed clean with water and dried. Surface may be further activated with our surface activator for better performance. Ensure that the glass surface is thoroughly clean and dry before applying coating.
    • Coating Application - Coating is done at normal room temperature in the shade in a clean, dust free environment. Coating is applied by means of a soft, lint free cloth or sponge saturated with the solution. The coating is applied by wiping the glass surface with the cloth saturated with the solution in small sections at a time. Ensure that the solution is applied to the whole surface thoroughly. The coating is then allowed to dry naturally for about 15 minutes so that it is fully dry.
    • Polishing - After the coating has dried out it needs to be polished with a soft glass polishing cloth so as to remove all the excess dried material.
    • Curing - Let the coating cure at room temperature for about 10 to 12 hours

    Once polishing is done and all coating material removed the glass will be clear and water repellent.

    Test by pouring some water onto the treated surface. Water will not spread on the surface but will bead up and roll down the glass surface.


    MOQ: 30 ml

    Car Glass Water Repellent

    We are Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Glass Cleaner. Glass and clear plastics can be tough to clean because clear surfaces show everything. Fingerprints, smears, and streaks are typical. We have a large selection of glass and plastic cleaners that erase dirt and films, and dry to a streak-free shine. Automotive Glass Cleaner is used for Windows, windshields, headlights, mirrors, and clear plastic instrument panels will be crystal clear and clean. Reduces driver fatigue and improves safety. NANO CLEAR treatment helps you drive safer, day or night.


    • Automotive Windows

    • Windshields

    • Car headlights

    • Automotive mirrors


    • Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy conditions

    • Reduced glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles

    Anti Glare Coating Water Repellent

    Water Repellent & Anti Glare Coating For Automobile Windshield. We offer Water Repellent & Anti Glare Coating like Nano Clear Water Repellent Anti Glare For Auto Glass. This Do-it-Yourself Kit consists of Activator for cleaning and activating the glass surface and Nano Clear solution which has to be applied to the glass. The process is easy to apply and can be done by the user himself.


    • Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy conditions.
    • Reduced glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Better visibility during driving at night.
    • Makes the glass non-stick. Easy to clean. UV, abrasion resistant and durable treatment. Lasts up to two years.

    To Know About Application Instructions View The Download

    Nano Clear - for Glass Shower Enclosure

    Approx Price: Rs 1,000.00 / Milliliter 

    Non-Stick, Easy Clean, Protective coating for Glass & Ceramics 

    Keeping Glass surfaces clean and shiny is quite a challenge. Anyone who has glass in their homes will know how difficult it is to maintain glass new and shining.

    Glass shower enclosures are particularly prone to attack from soap scum, hard water deposits, lime scale and if left unattended will prove to be very difficult or even impossible to remove. 

    Save time and money with Nano Clear the revolutionary protective non-stick coating that is ideal for both new and existing glass shower enclosures.        


    Nano Clear is a revolutionary surface protection solution which is applied to the surface of glass and ceramics. It bonds chemically to the surface and thus forms a very durable non-stick, easy to clean coating which will not flake or peel off. The coating is also transparent, invisible and extremely thin.

    Nano Clear is available as a Do-It-Yourself Kit with detailed application instructions. It is easy to apply by the user himself. Once applied it makes the glass surface Non-stick, easy to clean and look new for years. You no longer need to use harsh chemicals and scrub clean your glass any more. Just a wash with clean water or mild detergent and a wipe with a soft towel will do. 


    • Protects against etching and staining from hard water deposits, lime scale and soap scum.
    • Makes glass surface Non-stick and easy to clean. Reduces cleaning time and effort considerably. No need to use harsh cleaning chemicals.
    • Permanent and durable coating
    • Applicable to all glass surfaces including shower enclosures, bathroom mirrors, windows, doors, glass balustrade and swimming pool fences


    Ceramics Nano Clear Coating

    Approx Price: Rs 1,000 / piece 
    Nano Clear for Ceramics & Tiles is used in kitchen areas like tiled splash backs, colored glass splash backs and because the coating is oleo phobic will repel cooking oils and other food contaminants caused by cooking food thus making cleaning easy. Nano Clear can be used on all ceramic, vitrified and porcelain surfaces like bathroom wall tiles, ceramic and glass basins, toilets, tubs, etc. It makes the surface water repellent and also easy to clean as soap scum and hard water deposits do not adhere on Nano Clear treated tiles. Tile used in the shower enclosure area can be treated with Nano Clear to promote the easy cleaning effect.

    NANO CLEAR is a transparent coating that completely adheres to the tiles & grout surface and provides protection that will repel both water and oil based stains. No longer is scrubbing with harsh toxic cleaners needed. The superior protection also helps prevent (not eliminate) the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria, promoting a germ free environment. NANO CLEAR can be used on all ceramic, vitrified or porcelain surfaces such as bathroom tiles, kitchen floors and kitchen splashbacks, basins, toilets and even baths.

    NANO CLEAR can be applied to new or existing glass and is non toxic.


    • Wall Tiles and Grout
    • Ceramic & Porcelain Basins
    • Floor Tiles and Grout
    • Ceramic & Porcelain Toilets
    • Polished Porcelain Tiles and Grout
    • Kitchen Backsplashes
    • Ceramic & Porcelain Baths
    • Tiled Bench-tops

    Features and Benefits:

    • Reduces Cleaning Time and effort
    • Superior Protection
    • Suitable For New Or Existing Surfaces
    • Helps Prevent Harmful Bacteria Build-up
    • Environmentally Friendly

    MOQ:100 ml

      Solar Panel Glass Coating Solution

      A Nano Clear Solar Panel Glass Coating is expensive and needs to be operated at peak efficiency in order to justify the investment on it. Dirty panels easily block sunlight and may therefore not produce the desired output of electricity. Thus it is very important to maintain the glass clean in order to ensure peak output. Nano Clear treatment is a boon to people who want their panels clean and operating at peak efficiency. In addition to reducing how often solar panels need to be cleaned, it also makes cleaning them much easier whenever it needs to be cleaned.

      Nano Clear For Solar Panel Glass is available as a solution which is easy to apply. Once applied it makes the glass surface Non-stick, easy to clean and look new for years. You no longer need to use harsh chemicals and scrub clean your glass any more. Just a wash with clean water or mild detergent and a wipe with a soft towel will do.

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